AMU SHARES & SECURITIES LIMITED is a closely held Public Limited Company incorporated on 6th December, 1994 in the business of Shares and Stock Broking and allied Financial Services with the object of becoming Corporate Member of the Stock Exchange.

The company is also a member of Over The Counter Exchange of India, National Stock Exchange and BSE Ltd.

The Company is a Depository member if CDSL and we provide Depository service to our clients and the company has also Clearing and Trading membership for Derivatives and Future and Option segment of both BSE and NSE.

The credit of taking this Company to a very sound financial status and enjoy a name of repute amongst the Broker Community goes to three of its well-qualified and well-experienced Directors (i) Mr. Arvind M. Shah – Inter C.A. (ii) Mr. Manoj M. Shah – A.C.A. and (iii) Mr. Ashok J. Chheda – M.A.., L. L.M., who themselves take interest in the said business. Mr. Arvind M. Shah and Mr. Ashok J. Chheda are two designated Directors of the Company.